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Remember. We are repeatedly exhorted in Scripture to do so. God himself remembers, so to remember is to partake in a divine activity. Yesterday our nation remembered those who have served in our armed forces, particularly those who died in the service. To remember is to honor. Although many remember only that it is a […]

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Oh For Grace To Trust Him More

I can’t remember the last time Annette and I literally took to our knees in prayer together. But yesterday, there we were, recognizing our utter and complete dependence upon the God of the universe. This is always a good place to be. Unfortunately, it usually takes something we deem to be bad to get us […]

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A Bright Light at Kohl’s

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) A middle-aged couple was simply holding hands as they shopped at Kohl’s on a blistering hot day last August.  That expression of affection so touched an older woman passing by […]

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Can You “Dig” It?

Did I “dig” the Men’s Retreat this year? Absolutely. In fact, I was pretty thrilled with what God did. How about the other men who went, did they “dig” it? I’m quite certain that every one of them would enthusiastically say “yes” as well. I’d like to invite you to “dig” it too. What do I […]

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Yard Work: What’s the Point?

Yesterday I spent my day off mowing the grass and pulling weeds, and for some reason I couldn’t help wondering why.  “Because it needs doing” is usually sufficient, but yesterday it wasn’t.  The question lingered. I wasn’t trying to get out of doing it.  I rather like yard work most of the time and so […]

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