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Archive for August, 2017

In the Path of the Flood

Beautiful and unsettling.  That’s how I would describe the moment Monday night as I sat with my wife on the back patio. The beautiful part is easy to explain.  It was the first evening in our second season as empty nesters. The house was freshly quiet and empty after a house full for the summer […]

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Strategic Camping

Kim Jong Un continues to rattle his nuclear saber, racial riots are spreading from Charlottesville and countless other problems are rocking our nation and our world. What was Evergreen Bible Church doing last weekend? Camping. About 130 of us packed our supplies and headed out beyond the reach of cellular services for the annual Family […]

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Battling Blackberries

We haven’t had rain for weeks, but you’d never know it by looking at the blackberry vines in the neighbor’s yard. Dozens of spiky trailers spring over the fence in majestic arches, every one of them a vibrant green, as healthy as can be.  We just hacked them back less than a month ago, and […]

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My Benediction

It is so hot today even my hours have evaporated.  The time for me to head home is near and I’m just starting today’s post for the Connection.  Several ideas that would require more time will have to wait.  Instead, I will repeat the blessing that came to me as we were singing the last […]

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