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Last weekend’s sermon in a sentence was this: If I want to see Jesus, I have to read my Bible. That is the essential point Jesus was making to those two friends on the road to Emmaus, and he spent a couple of hours helping them do just that.

Two millenia later, we have the same desperate need they had. We need to see Jesus. Therefore, we need a daily habit of Bible reading. Lofty ideals and casual interest will not get us there. We need gritty, real life steps to take: Get a good Bible, make a daily appointment with Jesus, follow a reading plan and then read with an attitude. (That last one needs some explanation – see message recording.) All off this must be driven by one, central desire: I want to see Jesus.

The good news is that Jesus wants to be found. That is why we even have the Bible. He established this path so that we will walk it and meet him there. The only question is, will we walk it? Will we overcome the obstacles of busyness, weariness, distraction, confusion, disappointment and all the rest to seek Jesus daily in Scripture?

Last weekend, I invited the congregation to commit themselves to a habit of daily Bible reading, and to sign their name to make their intention clear to themselves and others. I also promised that if they left contact info I would reach out once or twice in the near future to encourage them in their journey.

As I watched Sunday night football, I typed up the lists and 212 had signed up. Very encouraging! But also overwhelming. I would love to sit down and have a conversation about seeking Jesus in the Scriptures with each one who signed up. However, I realize that is not realistic. I will have to share the privilege with others.

My plan is to enlist the help of the other pastors and elders, as well as Life Group leaders to make these contacts.  I also want to invite those of you who may have missed last weekend to participate.

Statement of Commitment
I belong to God by faith in Jesus Christ, my Savior
The purpose of my life is to follow and enjoy Jesus forever
I believe God speaks to his people primarily through Scripture
I commit myself to daily Bible reading for the purpose of seeing Jesus

This represents the core of who we are as a church. I believe that as we are seeing Jesus in the Scriptures, God will set our hearts on fire, like those friends on the road to Emmaus, and we will express that joy in the myriad ways that are to characterize Jesus’ church.

Pastor Toby

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