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A Call To Co-op-erate

One of my favorite Leadership Journal cartoons depicts a weary pastor slumped down in his chair, fast asleep. A bubble above his head shows his dream: Church members are arguing, “No, it’s my turn to teach Sunday School! You already had your turn.” I love that dream. So do Beth and Jillian, the ones responsible for organizing our ministries to kids.

Children’s Ministries were in the spotlight last weekend to highlight the addition of an important new word: Co-op; as in, EBC Children’s Ministry Co-op. That word perfectly describes EBC’s ministries to kids because we are a family, not a business, and in our family (say it with me kids!) “Everybody helps!”

Those without kids in the program: Our simple motto means we urge you not to think, “It’s not my problem.” Being a family that works together means you can show your heart for children and their parents by helping in one of the kids’ ministries.

Those with kids in one of the programs: “Co-op” means that if you want your kids to participate, then you need to help at least once a month (you can sign up right here!) in one of the programs. It’s co-op, see? I even made a nifty flow chart to add some humor to the simple principle. At Evergreen, parents work together to teach their kids to know the Lord.

This expectation of co-operation is not new, but we still regularly have parents who do want their kids to participate, but decline to help. That puts us in an awkward position, especially Beth and Jillian. How would you handle the situation if you were in charge of staffing the kids programs? So, I am writing to appeal on the basis of love, to all the people in our family, thank you for your co-op-eration.

Pastor Toby​

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