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A Full and Wonderful Team

Today is Tuesday, September 5, and it is the first day this year that we have had all our staff positions filled and serving in their roles. We brought on two new pastors in early June, but by the time they were able to start, summer vacations and a sabbatical kicked in, so we have not had everyone together until today. We had a staff lunch today to celebrate the special occasion.

EBC is blessed with a team of nine staff members, and I am so grateful for each of them. Here’s a fun challenge: See how many you can name without looking. (Extra credit if you know their area of ministry.)

We have five full-time pastors and four part-time ministry staff. Depending on your background, nine might sound like a high number of staff. Why do we need so many? Answer: to shepherd the people God has entrusted to us. Over 500 people gather for worship each weekend between the three English services and the Spanish service. But the number of people who call Evergreen their home church is closer to 1000. As the church has grown, so has our staff.

Here is the current team God has given us to shepherd the people of our church.

  1. Toby Beck: Started in 1990. Responsibilities include preaching, prayer ministry and facility management.
  2. Sharon Pack: Started in 2005. Responsibilities include publications, digital platforms and office management.
  3. Ryan Donovan: Started in 2008. Responsibilities include discipleship/Life Groups, ministry equipping, newcomer connections and Men’s Ministry.
  4. Ryan Aufenkamp: Started in 2016. Responsibilities include preaching and leading our Worship Ministry.
  5. Jillian Valway: Started in 2016 as our Nursery Ministry Coordinator, and then last December also became our bookkeeper.
  6. Anna Chalker: Started in 2021. Responsible for overseeing all our Children’s Ministries.
  7. Tyler Beck: Started in 2018 as a Worship Ministry assistant, and then this past January he become our Tech Director.
  8. Jose Gutierrez: Started in June. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of ministry within our Spanish Ministry.
  9. Jacob Abrahamson: Started in June. Responsible for leading our Youth Ministry.

The typical pastor in America does not have a large team, and many serve in a solo role with no other staff members. That’s not wrong or bad, but I will say that I thank God regularly for the privilege of serving with such a wonderful team. I hope you will thank God for this team as well.

Pastor Toby

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