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A Heart of Humility in the Dilemma of Covid-19

I know, one more article about the pandemic. I truly hesitated to add yet another drop to the flood of missives that daily flow past us since information fatigue is a real challenge in and of itself. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to share our great need for humility in the midst of these really frightening circumstances.

Yesterday, my wife read a post from one of our members whose daughter is a doctor just down the street at PeaceHealth hospital. As the local news recently reported, their capacity is being overwhelmed by the spike of patients infected with Covid-19 and tents have been set up for the emergency overflow. I can only imagine the pressure and exhaustion facing all those who are working in such frontline medical facilities. The post included an urgent call to any who are not yet vaccinated to get the shot as soon as possible. I have a humble appreciation of the desperate desire these fine healthcare workers have to slow the infection rate through increased vaccinations.

However, I have also seen desperation on the other side of the equation in conversations with some who have not yet been vaccinated and are facing their own excruciating dilemma. I say excruciating because many of the reasons I am hearing for not wanting the vaccine are quite significant. It is not simply a dislike of shots in general, resentment at being ordered to do something they don’t want to do or a lack of concern for the general public. The people reaching out to me care deeply about others and about God and they are genuinely wanting to do the right thing. Many are now facing the awful dilemma of either violating their conscience or losing their jobs. I have a humble sympathy for the terrible difficulty of that dilemma.

I know I am writing to an audience with very different views on these matters. My goal today is not to argue for either position, but to call for humility such that we feel sympathy for the hard position being faced by those who disagree with you. You don’t have to change your position to have compassion.

Pastor Toby

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