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A Measly Meal

This year for thanksgiving, in large part because my Sister-in-law is a phenomenal cook, our contribution to the feast was a small appetizer and a simple salad. As I brought in what felt like a measly offering compared to the wide array of delicious looking entrées being prepared, I confess feeling a little bit silly. Are appetizers and salad really much of a contribution?

It wasn’t until later that I realized the importance of our ‘paltry’ offerings. You see – as dinner marinated on the stove, and the rest of us “non-cooks” played football in the front yard with the kids, our appetites grew. Particularly for the kids, their zeal for food was burgeoning urgently (the urgency revealed by the throes of a tantrum or two…). The only problem – dinner was still a ways off. So, by 1:30 pm, led by the kids, we found ourselves devouring our ‘measly’ contribution – kids and parents alike relishing in crackers and cheese, cured meats and olives. This pre-meal became a crucial part of the thanksgiving spread, as it helped us make it to the dinner that would finally be fully realized by our eager bellies.

Like the appetizer before the great feast – our experience of corporate worship is merely a foretaste of a fully realized congregational worship service. Every week, young and old, children and grandparents gather around a singular “table” because they’re hungry. So, the pastor preaches, and the worship team leads, and the congregation sings, and corporately our souls are fed. And lets be clear, it isn’t always the most satisfying meal for our personal pallet. Sometimes the offerings are bland to our personal tastes, or too spicy, or they might leave you with bad breath. But the point in gathering is not to feed you to your hearts content – it’s to help you make it through to the great feast that will delight your taste buds and satiate your hungry stomachs completely!

Rev 19:9 “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”

I am weekly humbled and amazed by the gift it is to be a part of a corporate body that is represented so evenly from young to old – that spans the generations. It’s part of what makes EBC remarkable. Each week, a bunch of people with vastly different preferences gather around the appetizer spread and graciously sample it. Each week it’s a little different, but always with the same goal – to feed the congregation with the truth of the gospel, and point them to their true heavenly home in which they’ll have no lack of rich and satisfying food.

Until He comes, church, may we keep in step with one another as we eagerly await the day when we’re seated around the dinner table together in the heavenly places.

In love and Christ,

Pastor Ryan A.

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