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A Prayer For Ukraine

I can’t remember a time in my life where my eyes have been more glued to the news. For the past week, I have held my breath while reading articles from many different sources that report of the terrors going on in Kyiv, and in the surrounding large cities. The images show giant fireballs, and massive carnage to city structures. What they don’t show are the homes of longtime residents, with thousands of memories and mementos being eviscerated in a moment. Like many of you, it leaves me longing to know God’s purpose in all of this. How can war bear fruit for the gospel?

This morning as I was thinking about this and doing some searching for news, I came across a Gospel Coalition article that gave me some perspective. In some ways, it was an answer from God to the question that my heart has been asking for the past week. The article was written by a Vasyl Ostryi, a Ukrainian pastor and professor at a Seminary. He and his family have decided to stay. Their church is holding trainings on first aid, planning to be a strategic shelter for those that need it, and to become a military hospital. Ostryi writes, “… while the church may not fight like the nation, we still believe we have a role to play in this struggle. We will shelter the weak, serve the suffering, and mend the broken. And as we do, we offer the unshakeable hope of Christ and his gospel.” Ostryi’s desire to stay is predicated on a hope that God would use them. He knows that God has a purpose for the church, and that often times God’s glory shines brightest agains the backdrop of chaos and suffering.

Reading this has reshaped how I want to pray for the Ukrainian church, and the Ukrainian people. Would you join me in praying that God would use pastor Vasyl Ostryi, his church, and other Christians all throughout Ukraine to have a deep impact for the Kingdom?

Dear Lord,
You are good, gracious, and wise. 
Your wisdom far exceeds my own understanding.
With it, you founded the earth, and established the heavens.
In wisdom you have fashioned every man and woman ever born,
And in wisdom you have sustained the earth and all its inhabitants. 
Lord, I pray that I would not lean on my own understanding of this war.
Please, give me your perspective – open the eyes of my heart to see your goodness in this chaos.
Father, thank you for the church in Ukraine that you have raised up. 
Thank you for the miracle of faith that you have given to thousands of people there.
I pray that you would use your church as a source of hope and light against the backdrop of evil and darkness.
Father, use your church for your glorious purposes – let your glory resound in Ukraine.
Draw many men and women to faith in you because of the faith of your people.
I pray that you would provide everything your people need to do your kingdom work.
We have faith in you, but Lord, increase our faith.
All the honor, glory, and power is yours, Lord.

In Love,
Pastor Ryan A.

*You can find the Gospel Coalition Article Here.

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