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A Service of Grief

Immediately below this post you will find a list of prayer items from our church body and missionaries. As always, the goal is for our church family to labor together in prayer for one another. But sending this list is the easy part. Laboring well in prayer is anything but.

One important field of prayer is the sharing of pain and grief that may not soon be healed, if ever. When someone’s body is broken, we naturally pray for healing. When a marriage is crumbling, we pray for miraculous restoration. When a loved one dies, we pray the grief won’t be overwhelming and that they will soon find joy again.

These are good things to pray, but they often aren’t enough. We need a category of prayer for pain that just keeps going. Today I have been thinking about members of our church family who are hurting from long, degenerative diseases, or the increasing deterioration of old age, or marriages that have been broken for years and seem only to grow worse, or depression that only seems to deepen, or never-ending financial pressures, or…, or…, or…

There is a time to pray for circumstances to improve; the Bible is clear about that. But there is also a time to simply share the pain of another and lift up our laments to the Lord. The Bible is equally clear on this.

To that end, we are planning a special service to do just that: grieve together. We will use songs, scripture, testimony and times of prayer to seek God in the heavy things we are given to carry. The service will be held in the Youth Room at church on Thursday, May 30 at 7pm. I hope you will consider joining us, both to lift your burdens to the Lord, and to help your family members do the same.

Pastor Toby

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