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All Hands On Deck

There are many things that I love about my job. One particular aspect I enjoy is helping new people connect to the rest of the Body here at EBC. There are two Christian couples who recently made us their church family and they are so thankful for EBC and the way we’ve been able to encourage them in difficult times. It blesses me to see and hear all about those situations and others like them.

Do you know what really thrills me though? People getting saved; God using this church body to minister to our neighbors, coworkers, and friends in such a way that they have placed their faith in our beautiful Savior. Helping those baby Christians plug into the amazing gift that is the Church is such a blessing. Unfortunately, it is very uncommon. It seems as if 99% of church growth is due to transplanted Christians rather than transformed non-Christians. As much as we love being a healthy place for other Christians to come to, wouldn’t it be amazing if we were growing because our neighbors were being saved?

Logo2So how can we be used by God to this end? Well, first and foremost, by being intentional to speak the Gospel with your contacts. In addition to that, you can join us as we attempt to reach the poor of our community in a tangible way that gives them a way to experience God’s love in action. I’m referring to our one day event, Evergreen Community Cares, coming May 7.

The mission of Evergreen Community Cares is “To reach the families of Marrion Elementary and the Evergreen Community for Jesus Christ by serving them in a way that allows us to be salt and light to them.” Our hope is that this event will give us a chance to meet and interact with our community in a significant way that will translate into gospel seeds being planted and Lord willing, a harvest of souls here in Vancouver.

But we need your help and we need lots of it! Please consider how you can help meet the following needs:

We still need about 75 volunteers for the actual event! Volunteer hours on the day of the event are 8:00 to 2:00. Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided to all volunteers. You can easily sign up for one of the teams here. Childcare is even available if needed; simply email names and ages to Vickisevents@comcast.net.

Below are the teams you can sign up for:

Flow Team – These friendly people will escort the guests, and make them feel welcome, and that we are glad they are there by giving each guest personalized caring service. You will be walking the whole time.
Hospitality Team – Serve people drinks, snacks, and love to welcome them and monitor the volunteer room. If we can get enough volunteers we would like to serve our guests lunch.
Child Care Team – Show your love to children while their parents are receiving services. Only team that will need a background check.
Prayer Team – The prayer area will kindly ask each guest if there is anything we can pray for them about. We want to make sure every guest is comfortable and has a great experience, and if they decline we will happily wish them a great day and let them know it has been a pleasure serving them.
Connections Team – These friendly people who are good listeners will “check out” each guest, and find out if they have additional needs to put on an anonymous needs list. We also want to ask them event survey questions to help us know what services were most useful and how to improve for next time.
Medical Team – Provide medical services if you are a medical practitioner, chiropractor, counselor, physical therapist, or massage therapist.
Dental Team – Provide dental services if you are a dentist, hygienist, or assistant or would be willing to ask your own personal dental office to volunteer. It is our biggest need and we are short dentists.
Interpreter Team – Interpret for guests as needed for appointments and at registration, etc.
Table Host Team – Sit at each table during lunch time for 2 hours and invite guests to sit down with them and make a connection with each person during their lunch. You will be sitting for two hours.

If you’d like to volunteer but aren’t available on May 7, consider the “before and after” team. You can help distribute flyers, ask for donations, etc. before the event. Then afterwards you can help follow up on guests needs and help us continue those connections for the purpose of leading them to Christ.

$ 2 will sponsor a guest’s lunch
$ 4 will sponsor a guest’s prescripti­on
$ 5 will sponsor a guest’s medical appt.
$ 6 will sponsor a guest’s haircut
$10 will sponsor a guest’s goodie bag
$25 will sponsor a guest’s oil change
$35 will sponsor a guest’s filling/extracti­on
$65 will sponsor a guest for the enti­re day

We are attempting to collect 180 quarts of motor oil! Please bring a quart or more of 10W-30 or 10W-40 with you this weekend. We’ll have a bin in the foyer to collect them.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters! I’m excited to see how God uses this service to the community and to see how “everybody helps” gets put into practice with the wonderful Outreach. Please Pray!

To live is Christ,
Matt Daniells
Phil 1:21

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