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An Invitation to Speak Truth in Love for Jesus

There are a small handful of items I had thought about writing about today, such as a pitch for help at Saturday’s EBC Work Day or highlighting our focus on marriage for the month of October. But there is a unique opportunity to speak as the people of Jesus in our beloved state and it expires this Sunday.

One of my hopes for the people of Evergreen Bible Church is that we will be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) in our community by engaging our culture with biblical truth. That means being willing to speak truth rather than remaining silent, even when it is unpopular. I’m even more hopeful that as we do so, our ‘sweet reasonableness’ (Philippians 4:5) will be evident to all. That means speaking with such grace that even those who disagree sense our care for them. We have a wonderful opportunity to do so this week in the area of public education. In March of this year I wrote about SB 5395, a bill that was being considered by our state legislature that would have mandated comprehensive sex education for all grades (K-12) in public schools. As I expressed in that post, there is cause for deep concern about this initiative from a biblical standpoint. SB 5395 was not passed at that time, but the issue is still very much in the works.

Last week it came to my attention that the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction is currently taking a survey to solicit input regarding sexual health education in Washington’s K-12 schools. While I am confident the Superintendent’s views are already quite firm in this issue, this nonetheless represents a great opportunity to offer your input in the way you believe best reflects our Savior. But you have to act soon because comments are being invited through Sunday, September 22.

Pastor Toby

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