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April 12, 2018

Last night was our review and game night to go over Ephesians 2-3 which we’ve been studying the past three weeks. We started our time with Kahoot, a website that’s perfect for creating group review games. The students got into six groups, and worked as a team to come up with the correct multiple choice answer. It seems to be a really effective way to do a quick review of what we’ve been studying.

We then broke up into two groups. One group went upstairs and did an inductive study of Psalms 2, and the rest stayed downstairs to play games. I’ve found this to be a good way to give the students another option if they’d rather not play games. To end the night, the two groups came back together, and we played “Pudding Pictionary” which is exactly as messy as it sounds.

Overall, it was a really good night. I’m always reminded of the importance of taking a break from our regular routine to let the students engage with each other during our review and game nights.

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