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April 21, 2022

Last night Ryan brought us through Proverbs 24:15-22. He talked about how there are some world leaders who are evil and successful. The students thought of Putin, Hitler, and others. One key point that Ryan made was when evil seems to be succeeding, we are to stand firm in our faith. God is the ultimate judge, and He will make all things right one day.

We carried the discussions into small groups where students discussed questions such as why does God allow evil leaders to succeed? How come there are times where God consumes people and times where He allows them to continue doing evil? Excellent discussions last night!

Remember that your student was sent home a Live It Out, which gives you an opportunity to interact with your student regarding what we are learning at youth group.


Jorge Jenkins presented the apologetic spotlight last night. He gave us the history on Islam and helped us understand that Muhammad had distorted views of the Bible ever since he was young. He never heard the truth, which could have been a factor in creating the religion we know today as Islam.

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