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April 25, 2019

Middle School:
This week, the middle school crew wrapped up its last of a 3 week series on seeing scripture as more than just an ancient book, but as being a unified story that points to Jesus. This week, they talked through Acts 8:26-38 in which Philip shares insight and knowledge of the Scriptures with an Ethiopian leader, ultimately pointing Him to Jesus. The group talked about the fact that, because Scripture points so clearly to Jesus, it makes us realize that Jesus is just that important! He’s central, as He’s the Savior that saves us from our bondage to sin! We have to be careful because not every verse, and not every story of Scripture points us directly to Jesus, but if we read the Scriptures with an eye out to see Christ, we will be much better off for it! Here are some question you might want to follow up with this week:

  • What’s one thing that has confused or frustrated you about the Bible?
  • Why is it important to know what Jesus really said and did – not to just rely on what others may tell you?
  • What’s one way the Bible has helped you to understand God better in your every day life?

High School:
The high school crew spent some time back in 1 Peter, as we started into chapter 4. We’re realizing that Peter uses some confusing language, and he’s causing us to come up with many good questions! We spent our time reading through 3:18-4:6, in which Peter focuses on Christ’s suffering, and how we’re called to suffer like him. Peter says in 4:1-2 that we should suffer with the “…same way of thinking as Christ, so as to live no longer for human passions but for the will of God.” As people that have died to sin, and been resurrected to new life in Christ, we are to change our desires from the sinful ways of our past, to new desires that honor and glorify God. 1 Peter 4:4-5 speaks of the fact that those in the flesh will “malign” Christians for being different. We talked for a while about why this might be the case, coming to a conclusion that to stand apart from sin comes across as a condemnation of sin for those that are in the flesh.

It was good to hear the students talk a little about how they might encounter much pushback and even hatred for their faith. The world believes that to not join in is to be a “kill-joy” or “spoil-sport.” As Christians, we must act on our convictions and trust that God is the one who will judge. We may be mistreated for following Jesus, but we are not to respond in bitterness or anger. It is God who judges impartially. Therefore, in the midst of being mistreated for holding to our Christian beliefs, we can truly love people.

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