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As You Help Us By Your Prayers

Sudden disaster often gives rise to extraordinary rescue efforts. We see it quite often. There is a terrible car crash, or a tornado rips through town or there is a traumatic accident in a recreational area. Then people who just happened to be in the area rush to help however they can, often going to heroic lengths to help total strangers in their distress.

Why is this so common? I believe this is one of God’s common graces to mankind. We are designed by God to ignore risk and give huge effort to help others in life and death situations. Believers should be even more ready to do so since we know the One we are imitating.

However, some life and death situations are harder to see. This Thursday evening is VBS Family N Night and the church building will be filled the 130 kids who have been coming and their families. At a glance it will just look like a fun little event. But spiritual eyes see that there will be dozens of family members in attendance who are currently living in bondage to sin and Satan. There will be a brief presentation of the good news of Jesus which has the power to rescue all who will respond to Christ in faith.

Only God can do that work. But you can help, just as the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians, ‘as you help us by your prayers.’ (2 Cor. 1:11) Our Thursday night Prayer Team invites you to join us  in covering this event in prayer.

VBS Family Night Prayer Covering
Time: 6:45pm (we want to be upstairs and ready to pray before the VBS event starts at 7pm)
Place: Youth Room (upstairs) at EBC
Parking: Please park at Willamette Dental (by 7-11) so VBS people can have our parking lot
Agenda: Our plan is to pray almost exclusively for the spiritual needs of the VBS kids and their families

Make God give us eyes to see the life and death need and respond appropriately.

Pastor Toby

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