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Back Up and Running

In light of our upcoming EBC mission trip to Senegal at the end of June, please read the following update from Joel and Andi McMartin, our missionaries in Senegal, sent just today!

3 Months 
We have been back now for 3 months.  It has been a whirlwind but we feel like we are fully back and engaged in life and ministry.  It was slow going at first as our bodies took a while to readjust.  Then we took off with a blast with 3 trips all over our field visiting people we hadn’t seen in close to a year.  There were moments when our stamina was low, but God seemed to see us through each moment.  We have been learning that we need to fully dependent on him and if we are he will faithfully see us through each day.

Highlights of the Past Few Months

  • Arriving back and seeing friends and reconnecting with our church
  • The boys slipped right back into French School without any problem
  • Traveling to Guinea, Southern Senegal, Burkina and Ivory Coast
  • Traveling for 2 weeks with the boys on a long road trip that I am sure they will remember
  • Seeing what God is doing among so many different people groups around West Africa
  • We were blessed with a gift of new tires on our car!
Looking Ahead
We are gearing up for a Field Wide conference this summer.  We are looking forward to a team from Evergreen Bible church who will be here to help make this conference happen.  The week before the conference we will be meeting with all of our church planting teams to help talk about strategy moving forward.  After the conference we will be bringing the team from EBC back to our house to share our life with them.  We are looking forward to this time, but it will also be very busy.How You Can Be Praying

  • Pray for us as we have been running hard and know that we need to find a way to get a small break soon.
  • Pray for preparation for this upcoming conference and the team who will be coming to visit us.
  • Pray for wisdom as we look to see what trips we take between now and then.
  • Pray for us as we balance many different aspects of ministry which can at times be extremely tricky.
  • Pray for us to keep our eyes on the Lord as it is so easy to get distracted and to start relying on our own strength.

​Thank You
Thank you for helping to make our ministry possible.  Thank you for giving.  Thank you for praying.  We often feel how important it is to be part of a team and thank God that he has given us such an amazing team behind us!

Becoming the Voice,
Joel and Andi McMartin

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