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Battling Blackberries

We haven’t had rain for weeks, but you’d never know it by looking at the blackberry vines in the neighbor’s yard. Dozens of spiky trailers spring over the fence in majestic arches, every one of them a vibrant green, as healthy as can be.  We just hacked them back less than a month ago, and now they’ve returned even stronger.  It’s like Hercules battling Hydra.

The thought occurs to just give in and let the vines go where they will.  But I reject it immediately because I know how that story ends.  The blackberries will take over everything; climbing high into all the trees, filling all flowerbeds and invading the lawn.  This is not an overstatement: Blackberries never stop.

The only choice then is to battle them using every means possible.  Cut off the vines, find the roots, spray the starts before they hit their stride.  With diligent effort it is possible to keep them in their place.  But battle them we must, every year until Jesus comes.  The thorns came because of Adam and they will be eradicated because of Jesus.

All of this paints a vivid picture of the battle against sin.  It is always crouching at the door, waiting to devour us.  If we give it a foothold, it will establish a beachhead, putting down roots that are extremely difficult to kill completely.  If we grow tired of battling it will not be content taking over a portion of our lives, but will work to dominate us completely.  If we don’t fight against them, we will be the soil full of weeds bearing no fruit for our Savior.

This is not a quaint analogy.  I know personally this is a matter of life and death. I intend to fight and live in the power of God.  I hope you will too.

Pastor Toby

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