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Bigger Than Expected

It’s not often that people walk into our sanctuary and say, “Wow, what’s going on in here!?” But last weekend, that was the common reaction. The front of the auditorium was an unmistakable construction zone, complete with scaffolding, new framing and a couple kinds of insulation on many of the walls. A number of people really liked the industrial look and thought maybe we should keep it that way. Alas, it will only be temporary.

This work is all part of the sound renovation project we have been working on for the last six months. The components were installed in February and now the wall treatments are being added. When it’s all done it should really help keep our sound from ricocheting back and forth off all the hard surfaces. With a sound engineer driving the project, we have elected to do most of the work ourselves. As so often happens, this project has turned out to be far more work than we anticipated.

One element we could use some help with is preparing the alder lumber and plywood that will be used on the back stage wall. If you have some experience with staining wood and have some time this week, please let us know. We have all the supplies; we just need the helping hands.

Pastor Toby

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