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Breathing In and Out (Still)

Fifty-three years ago, I had my first taste of air and decided I liked it.  I’ve been totally into breathing ever since.  Today, I am still grateful for the gift of breathing in and out, and other precious rivers of grace.

  • I stayed up late finishing a book from my brother about the Grand Canyon.  Thanks to him, we dream of rafting it someday.
  • The fire in the woodstove held through the night and the wood box was full of dry wood.  I am rich.
  • I found a tasty caramel macchiato on my desk this morning from one of my co-workers.  I love the team I am on.
  • The weather show outside my window featured fog, rain, hail, snow and now sunshine.  Blizzard must be next.
  • My oldest loves God, his wife and his kids, and recently shared with me his desire to deepen those loves.
  • My second son made us dinner last night and watched the football game with me.  Both gifts were fantastic.
  • I received a letter from my daughter this morning.  It‘s the kind you reread several times and keep forever.
  • My wife treats me like a hero.  She makes daily life delightful and the hard parts of ministry bearable.
  • The Bible was alive and powerful yet again this morning.  God promised to walk me through it all, to my very last breath.

Pastor Toby

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