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Bridge Open for Maintenance

Did you know Ralph Kemptner, former EBC elder, is a bridge engineer? And did you know that over the last few months he did some excellent bridge work for Evergreen Bible Church, Marrion Elementary, and several of their families?

Let me tell you about it…

Knowing our connection to Marrion Elementary, a few months back Ralph reached out to me to ask if I thought some Marrion students might be helped by having desks to work on at home. Ralph knew that children are currently doing school from home (causing many of our outreach efforts to pause) and many don’t have an adequate work space. While my own Marrion students would have no place for a desk in our busy home, I was quite confident that many would have the space.

As it should happen, as soon as the word was spread through Luisa Turner, Family Resource Coordinator and fellow sister in Christ, ten families were signed up with ten more on a waitlist! When Ralph brought the first “batch” of desks, the school administration was blown away. The desks were beautiful and even painted in school colors. Principal Matt Hill (we call each other “P.M.” for short: Principal Matt and Pastor Matt), raved to me about these desks and asked if Ralph would be willing to help deliver the desks and be filmed while doing so. This led to a video being made by the Evergreen School District highlighting Ralph’s care and craftsmanship and the relationship that we’ve developed with Marrion. A national AARP article was soon written, undoubtedly touching people around the country (I heard from one such individual, writing me from New York.)

I’m thankful for Ralph doing what He’s done, even in the midst of pancreatitis, (please say a prayer for him as he just got home from the hospital but is still in pain). But I’m also thankful to many of you who have worked over the years to build and maintain this bridge at Marrion. Because we’ve worked together, we’ve been able to cross over to a place in the community that knows us, trusts us, and is blessed by the light of Christ we shine there. Let’s pray to the Master Builder and Bridge Designer to bless these efforts by bringing students, parents, and staff across the bridge of faith into saving relationship with Jesus! Way to go Ralph, way to go EBC, and thank you Jesus!

Pastor Matt

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