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Can You “Dig” It?

Did I “dig” the Men’s Retreat this year? Absolutely. In fact, I was pretty thrilled with what God did. How about the other men who went, did they “dig” it? I’m quite certain that every one of them would enthusiastically say “yes” as well.

I’d like to invite you to “dig” it too. What do I mean? Well, the Retreat Speaker (or “Facilitator”, as he corrected me) helped and challenged us to “dig” into the Word of God. He used the acronym “D.I.G.” to help us study the Bible. Many of the men left the Retreat excited to “see Jesus” by using the tools that we had been given. Below is a quick explanation from Jason Hudson, the Retreat “Facilitator”. Take a look and consider joining us in “seeing Jesus”.

Read the passage slowly paying attention to details, such as names, places, verbs…any words you see.

Read the passage again noting how God intentionally wove the details together as a whole.

The most important question is: “What does God reveal about Himself in the passage?”

There is purposely not a step about yourself. However, as you meditate further on the passage, the Lord will begin to give revelation about humanity and about you. This is a secondary byproduct allowing God to be preeminent.

If you’d like to see a little more on the subject, check out the website: http://digbiblestudy.com/. Let’s be a church that “digs” into God’s Word!

Pastor Matt

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