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Children’s Ministry Co-op

I got to have my 4-year-old niece sit with me a few weeks ago during the church service. I loved watching her listen to Pastor Toby, and field the questions that his sermon created in her. I love getting to answer her questions, and help her make sense of God. I love the conversations with her as she wrestles with the concept of sin and Jesus’ forgiveness. Children are one of God’s biggest blessings. They are precious gifts that he entrusts us with. And whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, teacher, mentor, or family friend, the role we get to play in their lives and learning is a sacred thing. We get to speak into their lives, spark their curiosity, educate them about the world and take them on adventures. We have the privilege of getting to know each unique personality and helping them to hone it as they learn to navigate this world.

God asks us to teach, guide and correct our children, pointing them to him and his love. My job here at EBC is to support parents in that endeavor. There are several ways that we want to help parents to do that. When it comes to the weekend services, we have two main ways we support parents. The first is by welcoming them in the big church service. Like my niece sitting in the service, we love to have the kids in the service. We don’t mind parents having to parent, and we support them in that. Other parents want their kids to have teaching at their level. Since parents are the main influences in their kids lives, we want to support them in being involved in their spiritual education as well. We support these parents by providing our Weekend Worship Co-op. It’s a place for us to work with parents to provide age-appropriate education for the kids. So we provide curriculum, supplies, and support to provide that education.

We are excited to finally have our children’s rooms used again. We are going to be opening up our Weekend Worship Co-op on Saturday nights, beginning this weekend, and are hoping to open up Sunday services soon. If you would like to participate, please let Jillian Valway, our Preschool/Nursery Coordinator, or me know, so that we can talk about what role you would be most comfortable being in. We are excited to be able to continue supporting you as you point your children to Christ.

Children’s Weekend Worship Co-op
Begins during Saturday 6pm services
April 10, 2021
Nursery/Pre-K – Nursery Room downstairs
K-5th Grade – Children’s Room upstairs

Beth Cummings
EBC Children’s Ministry Director

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