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Sermon Questions: Co-Mission

April 19, 2020

Before Christ, what was our main “Mission”? What were we after in life? How well did you succeed in this Mission?

When you first came to Christ, did you realize that you were adopting a new Mission in life? What did you think you were signing up for?

In regard to “location of the Mission”, if God were to call you to a third world country, would you willingly go? Or would you need to be helped by a very large fish (think Jonah and Ninevah)? Ask Jesus “where do you want me to serve” and spend a couple minutes quietly listening.

In regard to “Work of the Mission”, how can you begin or increase your Mission work in words? In deeds?

How can you grow in dependence upon the Lord for the power to participate in the Mission?

What does your financial investment in the Mission look like?

What proof can you offer to show yourself that you’re willing to endure opposition to the Mission?

Which promises are especially helpful for you to remember in order to have courage as you participate in the Mission?

Do you truly believe that Jesus is worth the Mission and all the sacrifice that goes with it? What in particular makes Jesus worth it to you?