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Come Meet Pastor Joe

At Evergreen Bible Church, we make big decisions as a family. The Phase II project is an obvious example, as the church family voted last June to go forward with it. That decision included selling the properties the church recently inherited, but it wasn’t as clear as it could be. So last week the church voted to confirm that decision and the vote passed unanimously.

Now we are asking the church family to consider another important proposal. Our Spanish Ministry is in need of a pastor and this weekend we have a candidate we would like you to meet. His name is Jose Arnoldo Gutierrez Jinesta, but he goes by Pastor Joe. He and his family are originally from Costa Rica, and currently live in Texas. They will be joining us for all the worship services, both English and Spanish, and our hope is for them to meet as many of you as possible.

We obviously want to help make Pastor Joe and his family feel welcome, and I know we will do that well. God has blessed our church with a welcoming spirit. But we also need our church family to help discern if this is the person God is calling to join our pastoral staff. The search team and the Leadership Team have concluded he is an excellent candidate. But we make big decisions as a family, so we are asking you to help us evaluate.

To that end, I would encourage you to begin by reading the info packet we distributed last weekend. This will give you a big head start on both the person we are recommending as well as our process for calling a pastor. Then I urge you to be at one of the worship services this weekend and take the initiative to meet him and visit with him as much as possible. Then make this recommendation a matter of intentional prayer. We are confident that if we seek God as a church family that God will be faithful to guide us.

We will spend the next two months thinking, talking and praying over this important matter. Then on Sunday, June 4 at 6pm, we will gather to share our perspectives and vote on this proposal. Thank you for your participation in this church family.

Pastor Toby

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