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Comprehensive Sex Education

The three Rs may have to make room for an S in Washington; as in S is for Sex. A bill moving steadily through our state legislature would add comprehensive sex education as a mandatory part of public education, beginning in kindergarten. There are multiple reasons to oppose this piece of legislation, officially called SB 5395.

  • Beginning instruction in kindergarten: Proponents say all instruction will be age-appropriate. We are right to ask, “Age-appropriate according to whom?” Shouldn’t parents decide what is age appropriate for each of their kids?
  • Usurping local control: Current laws give public schools the option to teach sexual education. This bill would no longer allow school boards to decide what is best for their community.
  • Backing by Planned Parenthood: They love this bill. And why not? If implemented, sexual activity is certain to increase which will lead more pregnant teenage girls to their doors.
  • Establishing gender dysphoria: The modern gender fluidity doctrine has already made great gains in our community. But passing this bill would be the largest step yet for this ideology which hurts young people.
  • Replacing parents with government: This is by far the biggest problem with this bill. Parents are the ones who should handle the teaching of this sensitive subject to their own children.

The sad news is, this bill has already passed the Senate and the sponsors of the bill have the votes to pass it in the House. However, today at the capitol was the first day of public testimony on the bill and I am hopeful that those who spoke out today combined with others who contact their legislators may help turn the tide. But even if it doesn’t, it is important to respectfully speak the truth in critical moments. Such is the call for God’s people in every generation.

Pastor Toby

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