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Cozy Quarters

It’s 2:57pm and I am only now starting this update. Normally I try to finish it by noon. Mercy, how time does fly, especially Tuesdays.

One of the items that needed extra attention today was making office space arrangements for our newest staff member, Matt Arnett.  If you haven’t heard, Sunday night the congregation approved Matt as a full-time intern in our Youth Ministry. Congratulations, Matt! We are excited to have him on board. His first day will be next Tuesday and we are working to get things ready.

Office space has been an increasingly challenging issue in recent years as our staff has grown.  When we built our current facility in 2008, it was designed with two pastoral offices and one office for two support staff members. Now, thirteen years later, the number of full-time and part-time staff has doubled, and we are intending to hire one more full-time pastor in the near future. Office space will now be even more challenging!

The immediate need is pretty easily met. Matt Arnett will simply use the desk formerly used by Matt Daniells (we don’t even have to change the name plate!). Jose Alvarez, our Spanish Ministry pastor, also has his desk in that small office. Two full-time pastors sharing an office is certainly not ideal, but it was the best option available when we brought Jose on full-time in 2018. Jose and Matt did a marvelous job making the arrangement work as well as possible. Now Jose gets to break in a new Matt.

But where will we put the next pastor? That’s one of the things we’ve been working on today. Our plan is to convert the conference room upstairs into an office and Pastor Jose has offered to move into that space. Some of the ministry activities that currently happen in there may still be able to use that space, but some adjustment will certainly be necessary.  We will just figure it out best we can.

These space issues incline me to think that the time for building Phase II may be coming soon. Until then, we will use what we have as well as we can. Good thing we like each other!

Pastor Toby

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