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Dear Senators Murray and Cantwell

I’m putting all my cards on the table right off the bat.  I am writing today to urge you to contact your senators and urge them to pass the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”  Last week the House of Representatives passed this bill which would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks, one of America’s most grisly practices.

While I expect most of you would be in favor of this bill becoming law, I fear I will be unable to persuade very many to contact your senators because very real obstacles may stand in your way.

  • You’ve never contacted a member of congress before and don’t know how to do so or what to say.
  • You have never really paid attention to politics, aside from presidential elections.
  • You don’t see why this particular bill deserves your attention since you normally ‘don’t do politics.’
  • You believe your input will be treated as junk mail since both your senators are strongly pro-choice.
  • Your life is already so busy that adding one more task seems impossible.

But would you spend the next 60 seconds considering some reasons to push past the obstacles and actually do this?

  • America is one of only seven nations that allow abortions after the first trimester, a group that includes China and North Korea.
  • A recent poll found that 84% of American favor a 20-week ban, including 62% of those who identify themselves as strongly pro-choice. These are the voters who elected our Washington state senators.
  • This is a unique opportunity because the bill has passed the house and the current president has pledged to sign it. Incredibly, the supposedly pro-life Republican controlled senate is currently unwilling to even bring the bill to a vote. The collective voice of voters is the only thing that may move them to act.
  • Contacting your senators is as easy as typing an email or making a phone call. The entire task need only take a few minutes.  Contact info for Senators Murray and Cantwell can be found here.
  • Many wonder, “Why doesn’t God do something about all the evil in the world?” Have you ever wondered if God is asking you the same question?

Pastor Toby

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