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December 2, 2021

Last night at youth group we continued with the attributes of God. We discussed God’s goodness. We looked at various scriptures that talked about how God was good, then we read Nehemiah 9:9-15 where it showed God is good.

We contrasted man’s badness with God’s goodness and how we are not good. We are all sinners in desperate need for a savior. It was not all bad news though. We ended the teaching with hope in Christ! We are covered by the blood of Jesus, which is amazing news! We are seen as good because of the goodness of Jesus.

We ended the evening in small groups. We talked about times in our lives where we might not have viewed God as good, but in hindsight we realized God was good and always has been good.

Our apologetic spotlight was done by Brian Jones about dinosaurs. I encourage you to click here to see the apologetic spotlight for last night!

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