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December 5, 2019

Last night we fast forwarded a bit in our study of the scriptures. Before our break for the Thanksgiving Holiday we spent our time looking at the first couple of battles in the book of Joshua in which God led His people to victory. This week we spent a good deal of time overviewing the books of Judges, and 1 Samuel, summing up the story all the way up to the point of David. In short, Judges is a MAJOR downward spiral for the Israelite people. They disobey God by cohabitation with the Canaanites (something God directly told them not to do) and as a result, they start worshipping the Canaanite God’s. At the end of the book of Judges, God’s people are described as being just like Sodom and Gomorra! It’s clear that they turned from God, and did what was right in their own eyes.

In Samuel, the Israelites ask for a King to rule them. Their reasoning is so that they can be just like the nations around them! Tragic! Though He’s rejected, God grants the Israelite request, and the first King is chosen. We all laughed at the fact that Saul, the first king, was chosen because of he was handsome! How crazy is that? By the time we get to second Samuel, King David is raised up by God to be the next King. He’s clearly anointed by God, and He follows hard after God, unifying the tribes of Israel, and once again conquering the promised land. It was in 2 Samuel 7 that we spent a good portion of our time last night.

2 Samuel 7 is what’s called “the Davidic Covenant.” It’s a crucial text in scripture that helps push forward God’s plans for the redemption of the world. In chapter 7:1-17, God promises David a great name, land, offspring, a dynasty, peace, and most importantly, a ruler who would come and sit on the throne forever. We talked about how these promises are many of the same promises given to Abraham… meaning that God’s plans since Abraham had not changed! In fact, this text connects us all the way back to Genesis 3… pointing us to the line that will eventually bear the promised snake crusher! That man is King Jesus!

Here are some questions to help you review our lesson last night with the students:

  • Why do you think that the Israelites were so prone to forget God?
  • How can you guard yourself from a tendency to forget God throughout your day?
  • What does it look like for God to be KING of your heart, and your life? How do you think that plays out day to day?
  • God made these promises to David a LONG time ago. Why do you think it took so long for Jesus to come?
  • Just like he gave promises to David, Jesus has given promises to those who trust in Him. How are we to wait and trust in God in light of those promises?
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