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Dinosaurs and the Bible

Facts about Dinosaurs – Presented by Brian Jones

  • How big were they?
    • Most were the size of a sheep or a bison.
  • How did they fit on Noah’s ark?
    • Noah probably had the younglings come into the ark for a couple reasons:
      • It would make it so the bigger dinosaurs, such as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, would be able to get on the ark.
      • It would be easier for them to repopulate the earth and live longer once they got off the ark.
    • Are there dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
      • In Job 40:15-23 there is an animal that is described as a dinosaur.
      • The word “dinosaur” was not invented until the 1800’s. Before they were called dinosaurs, they were called dragons and serpents.
      • What is interesting is the word dragon shows up over 20 times in the Old Testament in the King James Version of the Bible.
    • Did humans and dinosaurs roam the earth together?
      • The Bible specifically states that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together. We know that the Bible is true, so we know that it is true that they did walk the earth together. Also, how would the authors of the Bible know what a dinosaur or a “dragon” was? They did not have archaeological artifacts they dug up, so logically it makes sense that they were describing animals they walked with.
      • Marco Polo who was alive only about 700 years ago, recorded that he saw dragons (see above fact about people calling dinosaurs dragons. It is interesting that we have these facts, yet places like Britannica.com and USGS.gov state that dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago.
    • How did the dinosaurs die off?
      • Most likely from humans hunting them as well as disease. They could not have died from a massive asteroid or volcano, which often is what is taught by secular scholars. This is impossible because it would have wiped out humans as well, since they roamed with dinosaurs.
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