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Don’t Roll Your Eyes. Love!

The deluge of all things Valentine’s related could easily push you toward cynicism, especially if your relationship life is significantly less than pleasant at the moment.  However, may I offer a gentle encouragement (or a kick in the seat if that’s what you need) to quit stewing over what a crock Valentine’s Day has become, and apply all that energy toward genuine love?  You may need to think outside the box of valentines.

  • Love your state: Yes, I mean Washington, the place we live.  Perhaps you are aware our state is a leader in our nation in ignoring and outlawing foundational truths of God’s design for marriage, family and gender.  Love cares enough to speak truth with grace, and Joseph Backholm leads a small organization that has been courageously doing so for years. One simple act of love would be to visit Family Policy Institute of Washington and simply spend a few minutes reading.  You will find numerous ways to love our state.
  • Love your community: It was 27 degrees when I pulled in the parking lot this morning.  When I saw the five vehicles of our SafePark guests my heart sank.  How cold they must be!  I had brought a bag of handwarmers with me but didn’t have the heart to go knocking on their windows so early in the morning.  My desire to love will need a bit more forethought.  (In fact, a group of folks are meeting this Sunday to do exactly that.)  I’m confident it will take only moments to think of some simple but meaningful expressions of love for those living around you.
  • Love your spouse: Perhaps I am just naïve or idealistic, but I believe this is a vision we all need to embrace.  The calling for those who are married is quite straightforward: Find a way to express genuine love.  The task may not be easy if the marriage is unhealthy, but the call is to build, not bail.  But what about those whose spouse has died, or are divorced, or are still single?  Valentine’s Day might feel like a cruel annual joke.  But I believe it is just as critical for them to nourish a biblical vision of marriage as for the marrieds.  Even as they seek God’s comfort for their own sorrows, tomorrow could be a great opportunity for the unmarried to encourage a married couple in some simple way.

The bottom line is this: Tomorrow is a day our culture celebrates love and we must decide whether to ignore it, criticize it or redeem it.

Pastor Toby

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