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EBC Pastoral Staffing Search Update

Last weekend in the worship services, an important update was given regarding Evergreen’s search for additional pastoral staff. Since Pastor Matt Daniells left in May to serve as the Senior Pastor of Keyport Bible Church, the Leadership Team has been working on plans for addressing the resultant need. Ryan Donavan, the team chairman, explained that the emerging direction includes two major elements.

  1. A plan to begin developing a second primary preacher.  After 36 years in ministry at EBC, including 23 years as the lead pastor, I have increasingly been sensing the need to share the preaching ministry. There are a number factors, including my declining energy and increasing ministry demands. But just as compelling to me is the need to wisely steward the preaching gift God has given Ryan Aufenkamp and to deepen the maturity of our church body by hearing from more than one voice more often. This transition to a team-teaching model will be a gradual one and won’t really begin for almost a year since Pastor Ryan will be focusing much of his time on the second element of the plan.
  2. A proposal to hire Matt Arnett as a full-time paid youth ministry intern. Before we even knew what our needs would be, God providentially brought along an admirable young man with a calling to youth ministry. Matt Arnett and his wife Alicea came to Evergreen in early 2020, and despite all the pandemic upheaval, soon began getting connected. Matt has a passion for youth ministry and began volunteering with the youth staff last March. When the need for a new youth pastor became clear, Pastor Ryan and I recommended that the Leadership Team consider Matt for the role.After more than four months of careful evaluation, the team has now agreed to propose hiring Matt Arnett to join our pastoral staff as a full-time paid youth ministry intern. While the internship approach is not typical for us, we believe it could be ideal for our situation. The vision is that for the next year, Pastor Ryan will work side by side with Matt to train him in youth ministry, gradually entrusting him greater responsibility. This will allow for a healthy transition with minimal upheaval, maintaining the positive momentum in our youth ministry, while at the same time strengthening key areas of development in Matt. Our hope and expectation is that in approximately a year, we will bring a proposal to the church body to confirm Matt as the Youth Pastor.

A document has been prepared which includes much greater detail on these significant issues and I encourage you to read it carefully. You will see there are scheduled opportunities to talk about this and ask questions.

  • September 26: Congregational meeting to review the proposal and answer questions
  • September 29:  Youth parents meeting at Youth Group to review the proposal and answer questions
  • October 10:  Congregational meeting to vote on the proposal

Of course, you can also simply reach out to me, Pastor Ryan or any of the elders to share your thoughts. By God’s grace, we will be increasingly faithful and fruitful in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Toby

Read this document which provides greater detail.

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