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EBC Supported Missionaries

  1. Tracy and Leng Halstead
    (CEF, Clark County)
  2. Matt and Angela Strawn
    (CEF, Clark County)
  3. Katherine Church
    (Wycliffe/CEF Clark County, Retired)
  4. Duane and Jodi Decker
    (China Outreach Ministries, Portland)
  5. Bruce and Cindy McMartin
    (CrossWorld, Senegal)
  6. Simerson Family
    (E3 Partners, Sloutheast Asia)
  7. Joel and Andi McMartin
    (Ethnos 360, Senegal)
  8. Chhaiva Em
    (Gospelink, Cambodia)
  9. Peter Amalraj
    (Gospelink, India)
  10. Wood Family
    (iTee Global)
  11. Fredi and Emma Rivero
    (Kids Alive, Peru)
  12. Roy and Elvia Sprague
    (NICE, Washington)
  13. Skylar Stevens
    (People International, Southeast Asia)
  14. Berlin Family
    (Ripe for Harvest, Bangladesh)
  15. John and Rosadite Philippe
    (Vision d’Antioche / Haitian Leadership Developement, Haiti)
  16. Roger and Fredine Derpilus and other Haitian Missionaries to Senegal
    (Vision d’Antioche / Haitian Leadership Developement, Senegal)
  17. Wanda Davies
    (Wycliffe, Canada)
  18. Ollie and Mia O’Brien
    (Youth Dynamics, Stonewater Adventure Camp)
  19. Levi Williams
    (Youth Dynamics, Stonewater Adventure Camp)