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EBC’s Website: The Unfortunate Opportunity

Exactly three weeks ago the staff arrived at the church office and realized our website was not working.  Initial concern became alarm as we eventually discovered that our site had been sabotaged by hackers.  There is no personal information or financials available on our site so the motive is apparently the simple joy of vandalism.  The miscreants, using an internet domain originating in the Ukraine, infected our site with viruses rendering it irrecoverable.

Needless to say, this came as quite a shock and has immediately brought a number of rather obvious needs to the forefront, starting with effective site protection and appropriate backup.  Steps have already been taken to address these issues.

However, the saboteurs actually have done us an unintended favor.  For well over a year we have realized that our old website was woefully inadequate.  Fixes and tweaks were not sufficient.  We needed to start from scratch and build a new website based on a template well-suited to our needs.  But that’s a huge project and we have not been able to push past the pressing regular tasks to get it done.  The new site remained one of those ‘someday’ projects.

Now, thanks to some scoundrels, that day has finally come.  Two of our staff members are working diligently to build a new site that we trust will serve well for many years to come.  When will it be done?  Difficult to say.  After the holiday break the project will receive our primary attention and I’m hopeful we will have at least the foundational pages up and running by mid-January.  Till then, we’ll have to make do with our simple little place holder offering service times and the most recent sermon recording.

Thank you for understanding.

Pastor Toby

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