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Encouraging One Another

One of the wonderful things about being a part of the Body of Christ is that we automatically benefit from the other parts. Just as each member of a human body works together for its common good and to accomplish its purposes, so it is with Christ’s Body. This week, I think we can all benefit from a somewhat lesser known member of this Body: Shawn Cronk. Shawn desires to encourage us and recently wrote the following:

“So I’ve been thinking a lot about encouragement and what it looks like to be an encourager.
God has blessed me with a faithful few that have truly brought and still bring encouragement to my soul when I am around them. I want to be like that.

What would things look like if we all looked to genuinely encourage one another on the daily? What kinds of things would we do or say, to uplift and encourage, to help someone press on through all the things we encounter in this life?

I truly believe with all of my being that the person of Jesus Christ is ultimately who we all need for our souls to truly be fulfilled and satisfied.

We can have everything else we can imagine, and still be in want. Yet, if we could see Jesus for who He truly is and all He has truly done to rescue us from ourselves we would see that He is all we need and all we could ever dream.

He is enough.

So I think encouragement really is wrapped around Him. Needing Him. Seeking Him. Sharing Him. Receiving Him. Waiting on Him.

Trusting Him. And on and on.

So here is a question I have for you:

What encouragement could you use right now? Or another way to say it is: What words does your soul need to hear/long to hear?”

I hope you will answer Shawn’s question and share it with us. I’d ask you to email it to me so that I can pray for you, have the Prayer Team pray for you, and put it in next week’s Connections Email. My hope is that the rest of the Body will respond and grow in faithfulness to “encourage and build each other up” as God so lovingly tells us to do (1 Thess 5:11).

To live is Christ,
Matt Daniells
Associate Pastor
Evergreen Bible Church
Phil 1:21

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