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EBC All Church Family Camp

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Here are several important details for you to know as you are planning for Family Camp.

  1. Water:  The water previously available from the hose is contaminated and will no longer be available to use for drinking water. Please plan on bringing extra water for your own family. If you bring individual water bottles, please also plan to take your own recycling home with you.
  2. Garbage/Recycling:  If you bring plastic disposable water bottles, please also plan to take your own recycling home with you, as that amount of trash/recycling will overwhelm our community trash collection. In fact, any amount of your own trash/recycling that you can take home with you at the end of the weekend will be helpful, since we won’t be bringing a trailer to haul the trash home.
  3. No Group Meals: Like the last few years, each person/family is responsible to bring all their own food.
  4. Propane Cooking Only: Please do not cook with charcoal briquettes. Propane stoves only, please.
  5. Common Dinner Grill: There are two half-barrel barbecues that will be hot and ready to use during the dinner hour for anyone who wants to grill up something for dinner. Please choose items that cook more quickly so as to allow others to use the grill as well.
  6. Campfire: At this point, there isn’t a fire ban, but if there is one in place at the time of family camp, we will have a small propane fire instead of a wood fire. You are also welcome to bring your own propane firepits.

FIRST TIMERS: Here are a few important details for those who have not come before:

  1. Local Store: There is a small store ten minutes away (by Triangle Lake) where you can buy ice.
  2. Toilets: There will be porta potties available, some for men and some for women. Most will have hand washing stations included.
  3. No Cell or WiFi: In case of emergency, Greg and Ruth Beck’s phone number is 541-927-3471.
  4. Generators: If you have a generator on your RV that you need to run, please plan to run it during the day and not at night.

If you want to know any more, or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the office at office@evergreenbible.com. We’re excited as we plan for the this year’s Family Camp, and look forward to having a great time together!

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