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February 1, 2018

Last night was our review and game night at youth group. Once every four weeks, we stop our study to regroup, review what we’ve been talking about in the Bible, and connect with one another through games and fellowship. Last night, we played a fun review game in which teams competed to earn points, and take points away from other teams. I gave the option for students that didn’t want to continue playing games to go upstairs and study through Psalm 1 with Emily, while the rest of us stayed downstairs and played a couple of other games. All in all, I think everyone came away really encouraged. The games group had a really good time it seemed, and came together as a group more, and the group that studied through the Bible upstairs all said that it was really beneficial. It’s something that I believe we’ll continue to try out!

That’s all that I’ve got for now. We’ll be starting our study in Ephesians next week, which should be really good! We’re going to take it relatively slow. It’d be really awesome if you could encourage your kids to read through the book before we meet on Wednesday. This way, they’ve got a picture of the whole book in their minds for when we come to it in study.

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