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February 10, 2022

Last night we finished our series on the attributes of God. We touched on the perfection of God. The verse we looked at was short but powerful, which was Matthew 5:48. We started out by having students come up front and talk about what they view as perfect. For example, one question that was asked was describe your perfect three course meal. All the answers provided were subjective. However, God’s perfection is not subjective. No one can compare His perfection with anything else. He is the definition of perfection.

Regarding our perfection, the conclusion was that we can never reach perfection except through Christ. We must be in Christ in order for God to see us as perfect.

We ended in small groups where we looked deeper at how we can continue to grow in Christ.
Lastly, your students were sent home with a half sheet of paper, which I encourage you to engage in with your student. It is our new “Live It Out” action where students and parents can discuss what went on during youth group!


Marissa Williams, one of our students, did an incredible job kicking us off with Mormonism. She talked about the inconsistences of the first vision that Joseph Smith had, along with the unsettling way the Book of Mormon was created. If you want to know more of what Marissa had to say, click the link below!

You can find all the apologetic spotlights here.

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