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February 17, 2022

We starting a new series on the book of Proverbs last night. It can be a tricky book to understand due to the imagery that is used, as well as how the sections are broken up.

We started by learning some facts about the book, as well as how we read the book of wisdom. One way that was taught on how to read Proverbs is by a general overview. So, we took that idea to our small groups.

In small groups we read the 33 verses in chapter one. Each student took notes on what stood out to them, then we talked about various verses that created thought provoking conversations.

Lastly, your student was sent home with a Live It Out half-sheet of paper. I would encourage you to take some time and do the Live It Out action with your student.


I covered the second week of Mormonism last night. I talked about the various books outside the Bible that Mormons use for their doctrine, along with some seemingly contradictive beliefs between what the Mormon church often teaches and what is taught at EBC.

You can find all the apologetic spotlights here.

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