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February 2, 2021

We are still watching The Chosen together, which has really drawn out a lot of cool conversations with the students. Because film is the medium of this generation, we’re seeing the students really connect in a cool way with the content. Now the goal is to connect it to what we see in the Gospel!

Last week we watched episode three in which the series depicts Jesus discipling some little children before He starts His earthly ministry with the disciples. It explored the concepts of what Jesus was like as a human, along with the concept of child like faith. It was really cool to see a group of children depicted in the show who woke up day and were excited to get their chores done so that they could go work with Jesus, asking Him questions, and learning from Him. Often times, we treat Jesus like an after thought. In small groups, we challenged the students to have a childlike faith like we saw in the film… a faith that longs to spend time with Jesus, to be taught by Him, and to know Him more!

Tomorrow night, we’ll be watching Episode four, which really starts to get into the gospel accounts, moving away from backstories. We’ll witness Jesus calling the first disciples, and see Him perform the miracle for Peter in which He makes Peter catch more fish than his net can hold! I’m looking forward to reading the gospel account with the students, and then following along in the show. It should spark some good conversations.

We’re going to be starting to hold more youth events as schools start to open back up, etc. Please keep you eye out in the next week for a youth group calendar that I’ll be sending out with the dates of youth events for the next couple of months.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO FOLLOW ALONG – You can download THE CHOSEN APP to your smartphone where you can watch the series as well. Perhaps it could be a way that you spend the time that your student is at youth group, and it would provide you with a good talking point to reference with them. The app is completely free, and while it suggests donations for watching the films, their goal is to get the films out to as many people as possible. You can view a little preview of the series here.

With you and for you in Christ.

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