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February 3, 2022

Last night we talked about the holiness of God. We looked at Isaiah 6:1-7 and how Isaiah got a glimpse of God and His holiness. We discussed the reaction that Isaiah had. First, Isaiah recognized his sinful nature, which led him to confess his sin. We also saw that our reaction should be the same. We should be so awestruck and amazed by God that it causes us to confess and repent from our sins.

What was amazing about this encounter was God’s holiness rubbed off onto Isaiah in the form of mercy and forgiveness. This happens to us as well, God’s holiness rubs off on us, rather than our sin rubbing off on Him.

We ended the night in small groups confessing sin, talking about our amazing, pure, perfect, sinless, incredible God, and praying for one another.

I have started something new where I am sending students home with half sheets of paper called, “Live It Out.” The idea is for the students to live out what they are learning at youth group with their parents/family members at home. If you have not seen this half sheet of paper, please ask your student for it and engage with them in the action items. This is a fantastic way for students to connect with you and our Heavenly Father at the same time.


Titus Prevatt, one of our students, did another fantastic job on the apologetic spotlight! He finished our Catholicism series. He talked about priests and pastors. One notable difference he referenced was Catholics often teach that you must confess your sins to a priest and they will forgive your sins, whereas we can confess our sins to brothers, sisters, or Jesus Himself. It does not have to be a pastor of a church. Next week we will continue with our “What’s the Difference” series and we will start Mormonism.

You can find all the apologetic spotlights here.

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