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February 7, 2019

Middle School:
The middle school group started up another three week series this Wednesday, and they’ll be focusing on the book of Genesis as “the beginning of the story of the Bible.” This week, Ryan Westbrook taught the students about about Adam’s descendants, and how one of those descendants would one day be Jesus. This is important for the students to know because it helps them to understand that the Bible is unified from beginning to end. They also talked about how, even though the Bible is full of stories about the failures of God’s people, God is the one who remains faithful, even when humanity isn’t faithful to Him. It would be good to follow up with your students asking questions like: …Based on what you know about the beginning of God’s story in Genesis, what do you know for sure about Him? and …How is the beginning of the story of God crucial in understanding the whole story of God?

High School:
The high school group continued their study in 1 Peter, this time focusing on 1:13-21 in which Peter starts to encourage his readers to be “obedient children” of God by striving for holiness, and being sober minded, always ready for action! We read through the text, spent some time making observations and asking questions as a group, and then broke up into groups to use cross references to study the text more thoroughly. Some of the takeaways from our study time were that: God judges justly and fairly, Jesus was foreknown to be the savior of the world before creation (whoah!), and that we’re to always be ready to move and respond to God’s working! I’d love for you to ask your students how they are applying scripture to their lives, and if they’re actively using some of the study methods from youth group in their quiet time. Our study times have been awesome so far, and I’m really hoping that they are translating into their own personal time at home!

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