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Four Pastors in Minneapolis

Exactly seven days ago, the four EBC pastors were sitting down for our first lectures at the Bethlehem Pastors Conference in Minneapolis. We heard so much great teaching in 48 hours that it was impossible to capture it all. I am eager to download the recordings so I can gain further benefit. But for now, here are a few of the gems I jotted down.

  • “Suffering is God’s infirmary to heal us from worldliness.” John Piper
  • “Warnings in Scripture are guardrails for the preservation of our souls.” Juan Sanchez
  • “Sometimes burnout is the result of working from the wrong motivation.” Crawford Lorrits
  • “We want Lafayette to be a hard place to get to hell from. You will have to reject the gospel because we are going to talk to you about it.” Rob Green
  • “Hope in the Bible is not a wishy thing. It is a confident expectation of a guaranteed result.” Paul David Tripp
  • “There are no paradise marriages or paradise children or paradise churches…but paradise is coming and I will be there.” Paul David Tripp
  • “Here lies the dust of a poor hell-deserving sinner who ventured into eternity trusting wholly on the merits of Christ for salvation. In the full belief of the great doctrines he preached while on earth, he invites his children, and all who read this, to trust their eternal interest in the same foundation.” On the tombstone of Lemuel Haynes, African American pastor from Virginia in the late 1700s

Pastor Toby

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