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Four Quarters to Remember

Last night’s college championship game between Alabama and Clemson was one of the best football games I’ve ever seen.  There was history on the line, juicy coaching backstories, spectacular big plays and a thrilling come from behind win on the last play of the game.  I think even those with little interest in football would have enjoyed it.

I bring this up because I think Evergreen’s Annual Business Meeting this Sunday night will be strikingly similar.

  • Impressive Tackling: One of the things I’m most excited about is our plan to have Pastor Matt and Pastor Ryan go head to head in live tackling drills.  It’ll be Matt’s size against Ryan’s quickness in contest for the ages.  We’ll also be tackling a handful of issues critical to accomplishing our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Four Quarters of Action: Okay, I admit most of the ‘action’ will be happening with the kids in childcare rooms.  But there really are four quarters for our meeting.
    1. Pastoral Vision: The leading edge of each pastor’s plan of attack and how we should pray.
    2. Leadership Confirmation: Leadership Team members, Children’s Ministry Director and three missionaries.
    3. Financial Review: 2016 financials, 2017 budget and update on EBC loan reduction strategy.
    4. Joyful Celebration: We are going to celebrate God’s exciting work in our midst!
  • History on the Line: Pastors are prone to exaggeration, and I am no exception.  But I truly believe that some of things we will be talking about at this meeting will make the Evergreen Bible Church highlight reel on that Day when the books are opened.
  • Exciting Finish: We will close our meeting with a time of praise and worship.  I expect it will be especially sweet.  And then just for fun, we plan to have some refreshments and make over the hills jokes at my expense in celebration of my 50th birthday.  Should be fun. 🙂  I hope you will join us.

Pastor Toby

P.S.  You can review the items we will be discussing and voting on at the links below.

Our Annual Business Meeting is this Sunday, January 15 at 6pm here at EBC.  Please review items we will be voting on:
Missions Proposals
Children’s Ministry Directory

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