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Fulfilled Prophecy – Week 4

Prepared and Presented by Titus Prevatt, Youth Group Student Leader

Apologetic Spotlight Week 4

The Destruction of Nineveh

-Salutations yee lads and lassies of the Evergreen clan. This week I bring word of the destruction of Nineveh. If any of you juvenile scoundrels question what I am talking about this evening, we are in a series where we look over prophecies of ancient cities in the Bible and witness their fate unfold many years after the prophecy was written. This week in particular we will be taking a look at the destruction of Ninevah. Let us take a look right now, shall we?

-So before we dive into this prophecy I would like to clear up some probable confusion. When I’m talking about the destruction of Nineveh, I am not referring to the time when God told Jonah that the city would be destroyed if they failed to repent of their sins. We are actually looking at a prophecy written by a prophet named Nahum saying that the city would be destroyed. It’s the same city, but not the same instance of destruction God was speaking of to Jonah.

-So now that we have made things clear, let’s take a look at that prophecy found in the book of Nahum. In Nahum 3:19 the Bible reads; “Your injury (referring to the destruction of Nineveh) has no healing, your wound is severe. All who hear news of you will clap over you, for upon whom has not your wickedness passed continually?”

-So as we can see here, Nineveh, about 100 years after their repentance in the days of Jonah, has returned to their evil ways and they have once again turned their faces away from the Lord. The prophecy was made by Nahum somewhere around 650 B.C. About 50 years later, the city was attacked by the Medes and three months later was completely destroyed, just like the prophecy said. To this day, Nineveh remains completely destroyed.

-But how do we know for certain that Nineveh was a real city? Well, there happens to be an ancient document outside of the Bible known as The Fall of Nineveh Chronicle that describes none other than, well, the fall of Nineveh. The chronicle describes how king Akkad gathered his army and marched towards Nineveh. After three months of battling, the city was destroyed. A second piece of evidence that the city existed is that you can literally go visit the ruins of Nineveh today. Yes, in modern-day Iraq you can go and visit the ruins of Nineveh.

-Isn’t that groovy? The prophecy was completely fulfilled, and we have evidence outside of the Bible that Nineveh was a real city that got destroyed. Once again we can see that the Bible is a trustworthy and reliable source from God himself. If you have doubts about the Bible, ask questions, find answers! The Bible has stood firm time and time again in the midst of constant opposition and has not fallen! Ask a leader some questions you may have, seek answers, and you will find the Bible has a firm foundation. Thank you for your time, have a great day in Christ.

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