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Get Connected

Following Jesus was never meant to be a solo venture. In order to really thrive as Christians, we need to have meaningful relationships with each other, where we are encouraging one another to walk closely with Christ through all the ups and downs of life.

Whether you’re brand new to EBC, or if you’ve been attending for awhile, we want to help you get connected to the body of believers that call EBC their home church. Below you’ll find some great first steps for become an integrated part of EBC.

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Attend an EBC Event

Do you know what is happening at EBC? Many events happen regularly, some for men, some for women, some for kids and some for everyone. See what events are right around the corner.

Join a Life Group

Life Groups are the small group ministry of EBC. Joining a Life Group is a great way to develop meaningful relationships with others at EBC, to be encouraged weekly to walk with Jesus, and to dig into God’s Word.

EBC Life Groups are always open to new people. See the list of current Life Groups, and if you want help connecting with one of them, or would like to get the contact information for one of the Life Group Leaders, call the EBC Office at (360) 892-5520 or email office@evergreenbible.com.

Join a Ministry Team

Put your faith into action by serving in a ministry. Serving in ministry puts you side by side with others at EBC, and is a great way to develop significant relationships. There are many ways to serve God in ministry at EBC, including opportunities within EBC, and opportunities outside of EBC. See what ministries exist at EBC, and contact the EBC Office at (360) 892-5520 or email office@evergreenbible.com to get connected with a ministry.

Note: Prior to serving in ministry with kids and tens, we ask that you have attended EBC for at least six months, and also that you undergo a background check.

Be Proactive!

One other simple method to get connected is simply to be proactive. During the greeting time, take the initiative to introduce yourself to others around you. And rather than rushing out when the worship service is over, stick around and have conversations. For some, that comes naturally, and for others, it’s really challenging to initiate conversations with people you don’t know.

We would really encourage you to not let discomfort, awkwardness or fear hold you back from beginning to get to know the people around you. And if you’re feeling really daring, come on a Sunday morning with the plan to invite someone over for lunch or dinner. Now that’s a way to proactively develop life-giving relationships!