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Green VBS

Ask me for one word to describe this year’s VBS and I would likely choose the word green. I don’t mean green in the sense of environmentally friendly, although we do recycle the children each day. I mean green in the sense of inexperienced. This year we have an exceptionally high number of leaders filling roles they’ve never filled before.

The Peru mission trip is one of the reasons for this. The 15 members of that team would normally fill key leadership spots in our VBS. Since they are leaving Thursday, new recruits have been called up to active duty.

  • Team Leaders: We have seven 6th graders who are helping lead the various teams of kids. Last year these kids were on a team. This year they are helping lead one.
  • Puppet Team: Our great puppeteer Kathy Duvall has anchored this element of our VBS for years. But a bout with laryngitis has necessitated finding new people at the last-second to fill that role. They are doing a fantastic job!
  • Music Team: Several of our instrumentalists are taking their very first swing in their designated role. Do you know how much courage that takes? I am so proud of how hard they are working and how well they are doing!
  • Motions Team: Ellie Tauscher has been the queen of song motions for many years. This year we have several young teens who are showing the way for our VBS kids. As we finished our last song yesterday, one of these teens was literally glowing with the excitement of getting to lead the motions. “I’ve never been on the stage before!”

Seeing that young boy’s face woke me up to an important reality: It’s good that we are missing a lot of our usual leaders because we need the push to develop new ones. We naturally prefer to stick with the tried and true, and at Evergreen, we have enjoyed a lot of leadership longevity. But if we do not diligently develop the green leaders, our ministry will wither to a lifeless brown. Thank you God for these green leaves!

Pastor Toby

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