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GriefShare This Fall

You may remember in early March that we shared about a short-term life group / support group called GriefShare. It is a temporary Life Group that goes through a video curriculum and then has discussions surrounding the experience of walking through grief over the death of a family member or friend. A few weeks ago we wrapped up our first 13-week session of GriefShare, and it was a real blessing. As one person shared at the end of our time, ”It was a comfort to have a welcoming place to share about the heavy and complex emotions that I’ve experienced through my grief.”

We ended up with what I would call a “core group” of around 8-10 people who were able to participate in all or nearly all of the sessions. It proved to be a really wonderful group, and we were able to share together about the challenges of grief, each person sharing from their own unique situation, and we had the chance to encourage one another in the Lord. It was a really sweet group of people, and sweet to be a part of that group.

We are planning to host another session of GriefShare in the Fall, and this time we will host it at EBC. It will start in mid-September and will happen on Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm. While I will not be able to participate regularly with this group in the Fall, due to other Saturday commitments, Kelli Russell is intending to continue leading the group. We would love to find another leader or two who might want to join her in facilitating that ministry in September. If you have been through GriefShare, or simply have familiarity with walking through a season of grief and coming out the other side with the Lord’s help, perhaps you might be interested in partnering with Kelli to help lead the group. If so, you can reach out to Kelli directly to express interest, or you can reach out to me and I can facilitate the connection between you and Kelli.

Pastor Ryan Donovan

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