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He No Longer Has to Imagine

The news Sunday morning came as a grievous shock to many: Scott Fuller went home to Jesus. Everyone knew he had been battling a brain tumor and that the prognosis was not good. But the end came quicker than almost anyone expected. So it is that we must say goodbye for a time to an especially beloved brother.

Scott was as easy a person to warm up to as you could ever meet. He was a big, smiling teddy bear of a guy who loved to be around people, and he seemed as comfortable around strangers as he was with long-time friends. He had a nutty sense of humor and big rolling laugh that came easy and often. Even as I write this, I hear his laughter echoing in my memory.

One of the things people most enjoyed about Scott was his ministry in music. He was blessed with a soaring tenor voice that was equally adept at taking the lead vocal as he was adding harmonies and gospel accents. It is a bittersweet irony that Scott has used his gift of song to help with many memorial services, often by singing I Can Only Imagine. While I will miss hearing Scott sing, I delight in the fact that for him, imagination has given way to reality.

Those close to Scott knew there was a deep soul underneath his easy-going friendliness. He longed for people to come to a saving relationship with Jesus, and longed to know the Savior better himself. Scott sincerely loved God, and he was self-aware enough to know that his sin was no small thing in the eyes of the Holy One. This honest heart check drove him to a deeper and more genuine faith in the grace of God through Christ. I saw a precious testimony of this last Monday.

I visited Scott at their home where he was laboring through each day with the help of his wife, Lisa, and the team of helpers. He was unable to do more than whisper a word or two, so I simply read Scripture, sang songs and prayed. As we were wrapping up, Lisa asked if he had a request for one last song. He whispered, “Crowder.” David Crowder has written dozens of songs, but Lisa knew his favorite was the one we sing at church called All My Hope. He was no longer able sing with me, but I am convinced his heart never sang more sincerely as he raised his hand to the One in whom he placed his hope.

Pastor Toby

NOTE: You can watch the memorial service that was livestreamed on our youtube channel.

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