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Helping Hands

I have always loved physical work, particularly construction and landscaping. I came by it honestly, as they say, as my dad has spent the bulk of his life in a variety of construction trades. But Dad not only made a living as a contractor, it was a passion he instilled in our family. From our earliest years, Dad encouraged us to dig, plant, build, and create. As he did, my brother and I learned the joy of building structures and cultivating landscaping that is beautiful and life giving.

Dad’s passion for these hands-on trades is a reflection of his Maker, and the older I get the better I can see how we share the joy of our Creator as we create and maintain beautiful spaces for people. I thought I too would spend the bulk of my life working with my hands. Being a pastor was definitely not on my list. But God knows me far better than I do, and he has graciously planted me in a church where I am allowed to invest a portion of my time doing hands on work.

Last weekend I highlighted two helping hands ministries at EBC. The Grounds Team pulls weeds, rakes leaves, picks up trash and does whatever else is necessary to keep God’s yard looking beautiful. We also aim to bless the Walgreens across the street by doing some of the same for them. The Grounds Team is open to able-bodied folks of all ages, and parents are welcome to bring kids to teach them the same things I learned from my parents.

The Maintenance Team is a roster of people with some amount of contracting/handyman skills, and this team handles the smaller tasks that don’t require a professional contractor. I am looking to build a roster of people with skills in electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting and maintenance who are willing to help keep the church facility working well and looking good.
The EBC Work Day will be the fourth Saturday morning of every month and will be the primary work time for both these teams. The next one will be Saturday, March 23, from 8-10am. If you want to be part of one of these teams, simply reply and let us know which one.

Pastor Toby

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